Wednesday, 30 November 2016



In our day to day life Technology has been improving .In those virtual reality play's a major role . VR (virtual reality) is being used in various fields such as Facebook,google and Microsoft are being using this at present.

Google Cardboard and VR:

Google had launched Cardboard in 2014  which is most popular VR platform out of others . It is probably due to advantage like user friendly and affordable.Now cardboard is used in various purposes like watching videos, games ,...

Tilt brush and VR  :

Tilt brush is an app designed by Google . This is developed beyond VR platform which has simple creation process.

Tilt brush for painting:

Using 'Tilt Brush' can create 3D drawing in virtual space . All that's required is a VR headset and 'Tilt Brush' app available on the steam software distribution platform.It is provided with following features in it.

Dynamic brushes:

The Tilt brush app comes with wide range of Dynamic brushes . Those makes it possible to paint everything from stars to snow in 3D space. There's also handy colour picker , which let you pick you your colour choice.This brush can even paint in rainbow design.

When others despite complicated Google Tilt brush is simple and intuitive user interface. This has common options like undo and colour picker includes the snapshot Tools , which helps in taking screenshots and move it around virtual space.

Own creation
Painting in a 3D environment isn't easy task when you can't immense yourself in it.To provide a suitable environment Tilt brush provide you a suitable environment to create and share your own creation and shapes.

Steams and sharing:

The created drawings must be shared with others . For that Tilt brush is provided with handy option which can share 3D creation with others by means of full room sized VR ready creation and small animated GIF's.
To use Tilt brush we must have VR headset. In addition to that we must need to be configured account in steam account beforehand.This provide available platform of steam software.

Thus Tilt brush will provide better using experience for both artist and designers. Hence this will take VR platform to next level.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2016



NCAP is a New Car Assessment Programme ,is a government Car safety program tasked with evaluating new automobile designs for performance against various safety threats.

The first standardized 35mph front crash test was done in may 21 1979  and the results were released in October 15 that year. The agency established a frontal 4 NCAP test is conducted at 56 km/h ,rather than 30mph as required.

There are almost ten organisations of NCAP testing . So that testing of vehicle would be easy to process.


Recently Global NCAP has been released the result of Indian cars in which popular model cars failed on crash test in third round.

It is due to cars are sold in developing market are cheap and equipment levels are low but acceptable crash safety is something that must be essential .


  • RENAULT KWID -₹2.62 Lakh onwards.
  • MAHINDRA  SCORPIO-₹9.39 lakh to 14.38 lakh
  • MARUTI SUZUKI CELENO-₹4.03 lakh to 5.90 lakh
  • MARUTI SUZUKI EECO-₹3.21 lakh to 4.25 lakh 
  • HYUNDAI EON-₹3.29 lakh to 4.39 lakh

Renault kwid is tested with two condition with and without airbag . They scored zero star in adult safety and two star in child safety.

Similarly In Maruthi suzuki celeno and eeco also Hyundai Eon and Mahindra Scorpio were failed in NCAP test . 

Thus government of India had made NCAP  as compulsory from 2017 for all upcoming cars. There by companies will provide much safer cars in future.