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SQUEAKY BRAKE :Squeaky brake is the common problem faced by all bikers . This creates huge noise when we apply brake . Most of the people tells this as complaint . brake noise can be annoying ,but can alert us of upcoming danger . Its best to go with trusted mechanic.
This is due to three main issue : Thrumping noise from rear when you apply brake Grinding noise produced when you apply your brake called a wake up callbonus noise from brake area
These where main reason for squeaky brake. But main thing is we go with cheaper product during repair,considering life than money use best product to avoid accident with best brake pads .Also prevent wheel  and rotor from rusting . Consult trust-able mechanics.


Is it possible to drive car in water? If you ever played game like GTA vice city. Then you would have questioned your self that "How come is that possible to drive on sea, river,pond,...

Amphibious car:Car that drives on land and water is said to be Amphibious car. Yes car can be driven in water as you imagined . But cars which we have will fails if water is above 30cms, where as the amphibious car can be driven along 50 feet and along shore it travels 15m .

Since Amphibious vehicle includes car,bicycle,buses,

cars,Military vehicles and ATVs.

The Amphicar Model 770 was developed by German designer Hans Trippel, who had been working on amphibious vehicles since 1932, including the WWII Volkswagen Schwimmerwagen. The Amphicar first surfaced at the 1959 German auto show, and came ashore in the U.S. on April 1, 1961, at the New York Auto Show.

More news about amphibious car:
The money behind the project (some estimates are as high as $25 million) came from the American Quand…


WHY DO WE  ENGINE OIL AFTER A PERIOD OF TIME ?Engine oil or motor oil or lubricant is generally used in lubrication of Internal combustion engine.Main function of oil is to reduce wear on moving part. It also prevents corrosion and cools engine from moving heat apart. 
WHAT DOES ENGINE OIL CONTAINS ?Motor oil generally contains petroleum based and non petroleum based synthetic compounds blended with hydrocarbons,PAO,PIO. 
NOTE: high efficient oil contains about 20% of ester .

Types of engine oil used in vehicle:

Mineral oilSemi synthetic oilFull synthetic oilAmong these three mineral oil is cheaper one , and full synthetic oil is costlier and more efficient one.
When should you change your engine oil?

Every engine oil has period to change
Minimum time of 3000km and maximum time of 5000km .If people did changes their oil in correct period, their wagon will be in perfect condition. Some people think full synthetic oil have can resist for long period then they will suffer more with vehicle. Eve…



Generally clothes is item with is to cover our body .But washing and drying clothes takes much time .In rainy season there dirt road affects your clothes accidentally. This spoils our mood .

To prevent the clothing from such accident . Filium company have introduced Dura water repellent, which provides additional coating to surface . Many company do this by fluoropolymer based. This makes breathable clothings.Gore-Tex has been coated in outer layer.
In recent this treatment is done by vapour  phase by chemical vapour deposition .

Thus this can be mixed with any material like cotton,synthetic,..

Thus water repellent clothing....,

CYCLOTRON BIKE.........!!!!


Cyclotron is the first smart cycle launched around world.It has no folks on the wheel.It is weightless so that it can be carried anywhere easily. Appearance
Cyclotron looks like science friction wagon,hence it also has so many smart features like advanced lightning system with dual led wheels,laser bike lane projector .It also specifies heart rate, GPS,speed, battery info,calories burned,distance,slope and more,.

How it is made?

It is made up of carbon fiber which is ultra light weight.It can folded and stored in any place which you like.

What's new?

Cyclotron comes with self charging battery, chain less power transmission and also with 18 e-gear box with airless tires to drive .

This bike is introduced by kickstarter has introduced it. This can be tracked by iphone and android mobiles. rims can be adjusted to carry luggage,also can adjusted to carry children in back of the cycle.
Cyclotron can travel with the maximum speed of 20km/hour. thus this cycle comes to sale on 2017 …


University exam in students life  plays major role for successful career . There are so many easy ways to get passed in semesters . Basically students have capacity to study the whole book today's before exam. There only thing you have to follow certain tricks to get passed . Such as,...

DURING STUDY:There are some best methods to follow during study. some are

Plan yourself to study without rushing:If you plan before you start studying your mind will read more without stress. Always last minute study will never make students to pass. Relax yourself when you feel stressIf you read when you feel stressed you cannot cover every topics also there are possibilities to loose the things . Hence refresh your mind for some time after a long time study.
Take the syllabus which you should cover for exam Main reason why student is not scoring is they never have habit of referring  index . this method is very helpful to cover all topics and to highlight the things which we completed .
Start from easy…



Honda India had launched a monkey bike recently, it is a collaboration of both bike and scooter. Honda navi is trending bike since it comes under price bracket of ₹50000

This bike looks solid and hard ,this comes with latest and modern design. This has small wheels but it doesn't have disk brakes  . Hence it don't have much big specifications to highlight.

Key specification:

Displacement            :109.2cc Maximum power      :8BHP@7000rpm Maximum torque     :8.96NM@5500rpm No. of cylinders       :1 Seat height               :756mm No.of gear                :Automatic Ground clearance   :156mm Weight                      :101kg Fuel tank capacity  :3.8 litres  Top speed               :81kmph Brake                       :Drum brake on both the                                    Sides Length                     :1805mm Width.                      :748mm Wheelbase.             :1286mm

Honda navi is better than mini bikes . It is much affordable and attractive under this price tag .

It com…


Smartphones plays a major  role in our day today life . some peoples gets addicted to smartphones by various reasons such as Gameschattingsurfing news streaming videos 
How to control addiction?We can cure addiction easily in initial stage ,by taking control measures such as work time alarm and few things.

Uncontrolled mobile addiction is called Nomophobia. This disorder is mainly caused by online games. There are some peoples who cannot sleep without using mobile before going to bed.Mobile addiction is psychological factor cause various side effects to users.

Hence we have to take some major steps to avoid using.

By avoiding morning and night time usage, we can reduce addiction.By using work time interpreter apps such as OFFSET, BREAKFREE,.....By eating when you need smartphone will make you to avoid usage.Taking to friends,family members and strangers will make you comfortable to avoid smart phones.Keeping your self busy makes you to avoid smartphones.Avoiding Internet usage…


Professional ethics  hold with the personal, organizational, and corporate standards of behavior expected of professionals.
Principal of ethics:

There are three main factors that plays main role in ethics.They are  Vision MissionValue Intellectual Property:

Intellectual property rights include patents,copyright, Industrial design rights , trademarks,plant variety rights,trade dress, and in jurisdictions trade secrets.
Trade secret

A trade secret is a formula , practice ,process,design,instrument,pattern ,commercial methods or compilation of information which is not generally known or reasonably assured by others and by which a business can obtain an economic advantage over competitors or customers.

Trademark is a recognizable sign,design or expression which identifies product or services of particular source from others. Copyright:

The exclusive and assignable legal right,given to the originator for a fixed number of years,to print,publish,perform,film,and variou…


REASON WHY FREEZER IS KEPT AT TOP OF REFRIGERATOR :A refrigerator is household appliance which 

has property of cooling. Freezer unit are used 

in household and industry and commerce. 

 In our day today life refrigerator plays major 

role in storing food ,ice cream and snacks.But

 we never thinked why the freezer is kept at 

top of refrigerator and not on lower side.
Most of the household as well as commercial refrigerators work on vapour compression cycle. there is device called EVAPORATOR in arrangement . In evaporator ,the heat is extracted from the refrigerator space .The refrigerant gains ,which is initially in liquid state gets evapourated.The heat removed from the cooling space is more than the latent heat of evaporation ,and hence the term cooling through evaporation is used. The freezer is the part of the refrigerator,which is at the lowest temperature. It is kept at the top, so that internal circulation of air happens readily.The cooler air which surrounds the freezer becomes dense …