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Yamaha R50

Yamaha R50Yamaha has been planning to launch its 50cc bike . This bike is named as "R50" which is successor of R-series vehicle . This has been revealed  it's specification in recent .The price of this will be revealed soon  SPECIFICATION:Engine Type                   : Four stroke air                                                  cooled two valve                                              enigne Displacement                :49.7cc Max.speed                    :130kmph Max.torque                   :3 N-m @ 6250 rpm Max.power                   :2.68Bhp @ 6250 rpm  Suspension                  : FRONT-telescopic                                            hydraulic shock                                                absorber
                                       REAR-mono shock                                          absorber

Length                       : 2040 mm Width                         : 780 mm          
Height                        : 1070 mm Wheelbase                :…

Few facts about Anti-lock braking system

What is Anti-lock braking system?
An anti-lock braking system is also known to be Anti-skid braking system (ABS) is an braking system in automobile system which allows wheels on motor vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the road surface according to driver inputs while braking .

This ABS will prevent the wheels from locking up and avoiding uncontrolled skidding . It generally offers improved vehicle control and decrease stopping distance on dry and slipping.
Main component of ABSThere are four main components improves this braking system . They are Wheel speed sensor ValvePump ControllerABS types
Four-channel , Four-sensor ABSThree-channel , Four-sensor ABSThree-channel , Three-sensor ABSTwo-channel, Four-sensor ABSOne-channel,One-sensor ABS

Home made gun

What is air gun?An airgun is a type of gun which propels projectile by means of mechanically pressurised air or other gases without involving any chemical reaction. Since first airgun is made in 1500s. Speciality of air gun is we can use pellets spherical or any type of materials as bullet.
We have made airgun with some cool feature . Our airgun is more powerful when compared with others.
We have named our airgun as "Cheri froura" .
Why we named cheri froura?
The name Cheri froura is derived from the Greek word in which Cheri mean guard and froura means hand .
Since we may be the very first person to do air gun mounting over wrist.  Normally a wrist gun may travel for a distance of  30 feet but our Cheri froura  can travel for a distance of 42 feet approximately .
Materials used​ in Cheri froura: Half inch pvc pipe, one inch pvc pipe,mtp (one inch to half inch ) 2 nos, half inch gate valve, bike valve tube, pvc gum, araldite and m-seal as required, sheet metal, tube.

Originally call…