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Yamaha Bikes & Scooters Post-GST Ex-showroom Delhi Prices

Yamaha India was the first brand to display the revised prices on their official website in such a way that users can see the price difference in their respective states with just two clicks. They helped many understand the concept of GST as those bikes which saw INR 1000 going from ex-Delhi price had a reduction of around INR 5,000 in Madhya Pradesh.

The uniformity in prices was well applauded by the fans as Yamaha was the only brand to bring down the price of FZ25 to a lower point than it was launched in the country. They were even the best ones when it came to passing of GST benefits properly.

Yamaha currently has an extensive lineup of products, starting from 110cc and moving to 250cc in the locally manufactured segment. The list includes six scooters, including their drum and disc brake variants.

Yamaha Saluto RX is the most affordable product at INR 47,700 while Yamaha FZ25 is the flagship here with INR 1,19,300 of price tag. It is even the most powerful option with 20.6 BHP and 20…

How To Increase Website Traffic Fast

How To Increase Website Traffic Fast
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Site Must Be Responsive

The desktop working is very old fashion in today technical and fast world. Today almost every people are using the smart phone for all their internet uses. They can prefer to open the any website on mobile device. So your site must be responsive means it should be open on any mobile devices. This is very important step to be start increasing website traffic.

Site Must Be Fast
Today no one has the time in this fast growing technical world. If your website take more time to open then no one has time to see your website. Also your bounce rate goes very high and google will drop the searching chance of your website. So yo…

YAMAHA Things We Like & Dislike About Yamaha FZ25

Yamaha FZ25 is powered by a 249 cc, fuel injected engine on the motorcycle is good for 20.69 BHP at 8,000 rpm and 20 NM at 6,000 rpm. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox and the bike weighs just 148 kg. FZ25 is one of the most exciting products for 2017 and Yamaha sold around 12,000 units of FZ25 in just 4 Months!

Things We Like About Yamaha FZ25 | List of Pros

1) Most Affordable 250cc Bike in India
This typical Yamaha carries the tag of most affordable motorcycle in the quarter liter segment. FZ25 comes with a smaller price tag than other motorcycles around the engine segment. The only motorcycles that falls under its price tag is Apache RTR 200, and Pulsar NS200 and both of them carries a smaller engine. Pulsar RS200, KTM 200 Duke and even the CBR250R are highly priced in comparison. FZ25 is available for INR 1,19,300 (ex-showroom Delhi).

2) Excellent Mileage @ 43 kmpl
Yamaha FZ25 claims an excellent mileage of 43 kmpl. All others around the segment are not even into the 40+ leag…

MARUTI Suzuki Swift Hybrid Launched with 32 KMPL!

Suzuki Swift was recently launched in Japan with a hybrid drive-train. The new car is available in Hybrid SG and Hybrid SL variants, carrying a totally different setup in comparison to the previously available SHVS equipped Swift Hybrid ML and Hybrid RS models.

This system uses a 91 PS, 1.2 liter, 4-cylinder unit along with a 10 kW motor. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed AGS gearbox. The system claims 32 kmpl of mileage while the high level of sophistication makes it good for pure electric drive for a short period at lower load.

This typical hybrid duo is available with front wheel drive and gets no different exterior feature than the regular version of Japan. 2017 Swift measures 3840 mm in length, 1695 mm in width and 1500 mm in height. It carries a wheelbase of 2450 mm.

Interior of the hybrid variant comes with blue highlight on AGS knob, paddle shifters and hybrid display with power distribution graph for ease of understanding the systems working. The typical hybrid variant also g…

Top 15 Bikes in India under Rs 2 lakh

Top 15 Bikes in India under Rs 2 lakh (Post-GST Ex-showroom Delhi)

Indian buyers are left with not more than a handful of option when considering a motorcycle between INR 1 lakh-2 lakh. The range starts from Royal Enfield Bullet 350 at INR 1.13 lakh while goes up to INR 1.84 lakh for the Benelli TNT25.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 @ INR 1,13,000Plus Rs 5800
 -Yamaha R15 V2 @ Rs 1,18,800Plus Rs 500 
- Yamaha FZ25 @ Rs 1,19,300Plus Rs 2500
 - Pulsar RS200 @ Rs 1,21,800Plus Rs 13,600 
- RE Classic 350 @ Rs 1,35,400Plus Rs 5600
 - Bajaj Dominar @ Rs 1,41,000Plus Rs 4900 - Thunderbird 350 @ Rs 1,45,900Plus Rs 100 
- KTM Duke 200 @ Rs 1,46,000Plus Rs 17,800 - Renegade Sports @ Rs 1,63,800Plus Rs 1200 
- RE Himalayan @ Rs 1,65,000Plus Rs 3300 -
 Renegade Commando @ Rs 1,68,300Plus Rs 5000 - 
Mahindra Mojo @ Rs 1,73,300Plus Rs 1500 
- KTM RC 200 @ Rs 1,74,800Plus Rs 900
 - KTM Duke 250 @ Rs 1,75,700Plus Rs 8300 
- Benelli TNT 25 @ Rs 1,85,000

The prices mentioned here are ex-showroom Delhi and does not include …

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 vs TVS Apache RTR 160 vs Suzuki Gixxer vs Yamaha FZS V2 vs Honda CB Hornet 160R

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 recently entered the premium segment and got itself the most lucrative place in the Indian motorcycle industry. Priced at INR 78,400 and carrying a great 160.3cc oil-cooled engine, the motorcycle is good for 15.3 BHP and 14.6 Nm of torque.

The top speed NS160 is around 120 kmph while the motorcycle weighs 142 kg with 90 percent of fuel in its tank. Key rivals in this segment includes TVS Apache RTR 160, Suzuki Gixxer, Yamaha FZS and Honda CB Hornet 160R. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is offered with a single 240 mm front disc while rivals offer dual disc brakes on the top spec variants.

The least powerful engine of all is used in 2017Yamaha FZS V2 Fi, producing just 12.9 BHP at 8000 rpm and 12.8 Nm at 6000 rpm. It comes with fuel injection while all others, including NS160, use carburetor for fuel delivery.

Honda CB Hornet 160R is the most expensive option, producing 15.04 BHP and 14.76 Nm of torque. Being expensive is not that bad as they offer combined braking system for effect…

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Breaking announcement on BMW G310R

A heartbreaking news for sure, the much awaited BMW G310R will not launch in India. They have no plans for its launch in the near future as revealed by a chat between BMW Motorrad India (Facebook Page) and Mr. Sahil Husain. When Sahil contacted BMW regarding the launch date, BMW India confirmed that they have no plans to launch the G310R and G310GS in India.

BMW even has just four dealerships for the CBU high end products and chances of expansion seems minimal after this report. The news came after hundreds of rumors that G310R may launch in the Diwali time frame this year and may get priced aggressively. Then it was being said that G310R will come by April 2018. But as per the latest details available, it might not come to India ever!

It is quite shocking as TVS is manufacturing the bike in India and BMW should have launched it in India first. This is a very sad and disappointing news for BMW fans and for those who were waiting for the bike from past 2 years! We hope BMW Motorrad recon…


A recent report from BikeAdvice claims that Suzuki GZ150 is preparing for its Indian debut in the coming weeks. This report is backed by a dealer statement while estimated period for the launch is 60-90 days.

It is said that company engineers have asked them to prepare for this model and even Motul recently examined the GZ150 for India. In fact, if these things prove right, buyers will have an excellent option when looking for lightweight cruiser motorcycle before this festive season.

A recent report from BikeAdvice claims that Suzuki GZ150 is preparing for its Indian debut in the coming weeks. This report is backed by a dealer statement while estimated period for the launch is 60-90 days.
It is said that company engineers have asked them to prepare for this model and even Motul recently examined the GZ150 for India. In fact, if these things prove right, buyers will have an excellent option when looking for lightweight cruiser motorcycle before this festive season.

Suzuki GZ150 is current…

Interesting Facts About Nokia

Nokia is one of the well known mobile brands in the world wide , It had an huge impact in the mobile technology, which it created an great improvements and good look for the newest mobiles.
It  ruled the world mobile market once, but it lags a lot before than now, just because of the Android arrival

Interesting Facts About Nokia1) Do you know, the world first commercial GSM call was made by Finland Prime minister Harri Holkeri  using the Nokia phone over a Nokia Supplied Network in 1991.

2) Normally Nokia uses all the numbers in their Manufacturer handset model Number, But in Asia it does not use the Number 4.Because In many parts of asia they feel that number 4 is unlucky.

3) According to the Fortune list 2006 survey, Nokia is the 20th most Admirable company in the World

4) It exceeded the Conventional Camera Manufacturers too, as the total sales of camera Equipped mobiles is increased more and more.Now it is the Worlds Largest Camera Manufacturer

5) Normally new handsets will initiate the…

How to choose a bike?

How to choose a bike?Bike is not just a Transport medium, It is part of men's life . Bike is sentimental, emotional and dream for many people. "A good bike can change life a Ordinary man into Extraordinary man" . In This blog I gonna give you a clear idea about how to choose a bike . If you like this blog subscribe my blog and comments for my satisfaction 😉😉😉.
Choose your bikeYes choose a bike which you like . When you ask others for suggestion they will spoil your plan. I don't mean all but if you ask suggestion from tall boy and you are small what will be the result? so choose your bike and ask suggestions.
MileageIt does not mean that you have see mileage of the bike . If the mileage of the bike satisfies your need then pick the best out of it. If you are earning more than go with sports bike .If else you need to travel more and more then get bike which gives you more mileage.
Parking  None of us thinks about this parking a bike in city .Bikes like Yamaha fazer, Su…

Yamaha RX 100 Relaunch

Yamaha RX 100
The king of Indian streets at one time, the legendary Yamaha RX100 can amaze the riders and the onlookers in the same way as KTM 200 Duke. The 98cc motorcycle was good for 11 BHP and 10.39 Nm of torque while weighs just 103 kg. It claimed a top speed of 100 kmph while was quite unsafe because of just drum brakes at both ends. SPECIFICATION:
Engine Type                   : Four stroke air cooled                                             two valve enigne
Displacement                :98cc
Max.speed                    :130kmph
Max.torque                   :11 N-m @ 7500 rpm
Max.power                   :10.39KW @ 6500 rpm 
Suspension                  :
                        FRONT-telescopic                                                  hydraulic shock                                                        absorber
                       REAR-mono shock                                                      absorber

Top Speed                 :100kmph
Length                        : …