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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Highlighting updates on GOOGLE I/O 2107

What is Google I/o ?

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held by Google in San Francisco . It is an Expo of upcoming gadgets and software . The term I/O stands for Input/Output. First I/O meet was held on 28 may 2009.


Google I/O nineth annual developer conference has been held on may 20 . In that conference several highlighting things has been spotted . They are,...

1) Two billion android users

Google was happy to announce that they have crossed two billion Android user world wide . This users includes smart phone, Tab and other supporting devices.

2)Google Assistant 

Google assistant is nothing but the upgraded version of Google now. This Google assistant is already available for android device , which is now available for Apple device . Since Apple has siri as personal assistant now Google now competing  with that. In google voice assistant comes with keyboard feature .

3)Google Lens

Google lens is for android device . In which we can know information about particular place by taking photo. Google lens is similar to google now . This can also give rating about particular shop. Google lens also edit your old photos without any app , since they have used artificial intelligent in it. It can also connect your device with wifi just by scanning. 

4)Google Home

Google home is another personal assistant which is given for home . By using this device we can even call with that. This feature is available for US and UK , soon they will provide for other countries.

5)Google Photos

Google photos is given with some cool upgrade we know google photos already saves photos in cloud and also identify faces and seperate them . This is provided with three cool feature
  • Suggested sharing( which is to share photos with suggested people automatically)
  • Shared libraries(Which is to find pics to share with specific circle)
  • Photo book(It is paid service which print pics for required size)

6)Standalone on VR-Headset

Google is working on VR headset , They named it as standalone , which does not require any android device in it . They also making project Tango which is for blind people in Standalone .

7) Android "O"

Google started beta test on android O , there were many rumor that they have named this as Oreo but they not yet revealed name. This beta version is now available for Nexux and Pixel devices . Android O will feature dot notification also there were many optimization  made in this to increase performance.

8)Android Go

Android go will feature a new  experience for entry - level devices which is build for google apps . This Android go is lite version of Google apps which reduce data also improves performance of those devices.

Thus I hope you will be excited with the news from google . 
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Monday, 15 May 2017



Massive Ransomeware attack...Total 74 countries affected...Please do not open any email which has attachments with "tasksche.exe" file. Also don't open video named  "Dance of Hillary" . These were encrypting your window devices . Hence precaution for Ransomware  is list below.

Wanna Cry Rasomware

Since 12th Apr 2017, a Ransomware exploiting MS17-010 has been wreaking havoc worldwide.

Precautions to be taken

1 - Patch Management

Ensure all Workstations and Servers have the latest Microsoft patches, especially the ones related to MS17-010.

2 - Antivirus

Ensure AV signatures are updated on all assets. Identify critical assets and target them first. Block IOCs on AV solution.
Get the details with regards to the name of the malware and verify if this malware has been detected in the logs for last 1 week.

3 - IPS

Ensure IPS signatures are updated. Verify if the signature that can detect this vulnerability / exploit attempt is enabled and is in blocking mode.
Get the details with regards to the name of the Signature and verify if this Signature has been detected in the logs for last 1 week.

4 - eMail Gateway

Ensure eMail Gateway solutions has all relevant updates for detecting possible mails that may bring the Trojan in the environment.

5 - Proxy

Ensure Proxy solution has updated database. Block IOCs for IP Address and Domain names on the Proxy.
Verify last one week logs for the IOCs on Proxy and take action on sources of infection.

6 - Firewall

Block the IP addresses on Perimeter Firewall.
Verify logs for last one week.

7 - Anti - APT Solutions (FireEye, Trend Micro)

Ensure signatures are up to date.
Check for possible internal sources of infection and take actions.

8 - SIEM

Check logs to verify if any of the IOCs have been detected in 1 week logs.

a - If required, raise case with OEM for getting details
b - All changes to follow proper approvals and change management process

Friends backup your important data in hard disc . If you don't have hard disc then store your data in cloud storage. 

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Things which you have to check if your motorcycle is not starting,...

Starting  Issue in Automobile:

Most irritating thing  in motor cycle is starting problem . When rider is urgent in doing some work it happens , which create huge stress . This arises by anyone of the reason as I mentioned in below ,..

Clutch is not engaging properly

When you are starting your bike and the transmission is in gear, you need to pull the clutch lever properly. Sometimes, the clutch does not engage correctly and creates a starting problem. In such condition, bring your transmission in neutral and try again.

Blocking intake or exhaust

Blocked airbox or muffler exit is also a condition that creates starting problem, which can occur due to any reason including pranksters in your neighbourhood. So, you should also check the intake and exhaust system of your bike if there is anything extra in them.

Engine cut off switch

It is one of the most common things we forget to check before getting annoyed with the starting problem. Most of the time we use the ignition key to turn off the motorcycle instead of the engine kill or cut off switch. So when we use it, we forget to turn off the switch sometimes and keep trying to crank the engine.

Weak/Dead battery

The battery that is safely secured onto 
your bike is indeed the lifeline of its 
entire electrical system. For two 
wheeler's equipped with just an electric 
start, the starter motor is wholly 
dependent on the battery. Only if the 
battery carries sufficient charge would it 
be able to crank up the motor that demands a fairly high voltage from the battery.
On a relatively weak battery one would not be able to use the electric start. Some signs of a dead or a weak battery are when you push the horn button or switch on the headlights, none actually work well or report total failure.
No fuel

When your fuel level goes down, it is very difficult to judge its availability using the gauge and that could also be a reason why your bike isn't starting. At that time, you can use some old school techniques to check if your bike has fuel or not.
One of the easiest way is to shake your bike gently when on main stand and wait to hear that typical telltale slosh of remaining fuel, if any, from the tank. Alternatively you could also check it using the flashlight of your mobile phone.

Loose spark plug wire

Loose spark plug wire is not a new thing for motorcycle riders; it can occur due to the jerks or could be a prank. You don't need any mechanic to fix this problem. Just unplug and re-plug the connectors and try to start the motorcycle again.

Clogged fuel tank vent

There is a very small vent provided on the fuel tank of your motorcycle for the outlet to supply fuel continuously to the intake system. In most of the bikes in India, it is the keyhole of the fuel tank cap.
When this vent gets clogged, the tank stops the supply of fuel to the lower system. You can unclog the vent with a very thin wire or pin along with a forced blow in that hole.

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