People buys mileage efficient bikes but they says it's not efficient .This might be due to some reason .There are some simple steps to increase mileage in bike which are listed below those are

*Check your bike air pressure once in three days,so that bike tyre should have sufficient air .

Also there should be sufficient friction on tyre so that bike travels smooth on road.

NOTE- There should not be excess of air on tyre.

*Bike should be driven at constant speed that is average of 40km/hr on road since low speed and high speed of bike consume more fuel.

NOTE- There  should be constant acceleration and deceleration during driving.

*When you start your bike rise your acclerator for 15seconds  so that fuel flow will be sufficient. Use clutch only to change gear ,aviod holding clutch during riding.

NOTE-Do ride in maximum gear 

*Close the petrol valve when you don't use bike ,also keep in half valve open when you ride.

NOTE- Don't go for long drive when your bike is in reserve.

*Change your engine oil in correct time, so that mileage will increase .Also use recommended engine oil.

*Avoid travelling on rough road ,which also increase the mileage. remove unwanted fittings on the bike.

*Do service your bike regularly so that your bike will be in good condition during riding.

*And most important thing is get fuel in trustable petrol bunks.

            Thus you will find clear idea of getting  efficient mileage on your bike


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