Highlighting updates on GOOGLE I/O 2107

What is Google I/o ?

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held by Google in San Francisco . It is an Expo of upcoming gadgets and software . The term I/O stands for Input/Output. First I/O meet was held on 28 may 2009.


Google I/O nineth annual developer conference has been held on may 20 . In that conference several highlighting things has been spotted . They are,...

1) Two billion android users

Google was happy to announce that they have crossed two billion Android user world wide . This users includes smart phone, Tab and other supporting devices.

2)Google Assistant 

Google assistant is nothing but the upgraded version of Google now. This Google assistant is already available for android device , which is now available for Apple device . Since Apple has siri as personal assistant now Google now competing  with that. In google voice assistant comes with keyboard feature .

3)Google Lens

Google lens is for android device . In which we can know information about particular place by taking photo. Google lens is similar to google now . This can also give rating about particular shop. Google lens also edit your old photos without any app , since they have used artificial intelligent in it. It can also connect your device with wifi just by scanning. 

4)Google Home

Google home is another personal assistant which is given for home . By using this device we can even call with that. This feature is available for US and UK , soon they will provide for other countries.

5)Google Photos

Google photos is given with some cool upgrade we know google photos already saves photos in cloud and also identify faces and seperate them . This is provided with three cool feature
  • Suggested sharing( which is to share photos with suggested people automatically)
  • Shared libraries(Which is to find pics to share with specific circle)
  • Photo book(It is paid service which print pics for required size)

6)Standalone on VR-Headset

Google is working on VR headset , They named it as standalone , which does not require any android device in it . They also making project Tango which is for blind people in Standalone .

7) Android "O"

Google started beta test on android O , there were many rumor that they have named this as Oreo but they not yet revealed name. This beta version is now available for Nexux and Pixel devices . Android O will feature dot notification also there were many optimization  made in this to increase performance.

8)Android Go

Android go will feature a new  experience for entry - level devices which is build for google apps . This Android go is lite version of Google apps which reduce data also improves performance of those devices.

Thus I hope you will be excited with the news from google . 
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