We are in generation where motorcycles and cars plays major role in locomotion. Somany motorcycle companies have launched different vehicles for peoples to ride and adventure.

Tarus motorcycle companies from Russia had launched "2×2 wheel drive " portable motorcycle. This motorcycle had created milestone in motorcycles era.Since  motorcycles are generally large in size so that they cannot be carried everywhere but Tarus can be used everywhere and also it is portable so that it can be lifted too,.

The company had launched this motorcycle 1700USD which cost almost 115000Rs in India.This motorcycle weights almost from 47kg to 75kg so that it can be lifted by people.This has been launched with two variant the larger one has two huge tires which can be folded and also can able to float on water.

  • Key specification :

  • Weight 47kg to 74kg.
  • Topspeed 37mph.
  • turning angle 55 degree.
  • tire type- lighter and low pressure tire.

This bike can float in water and also lifted during terrain so that it has various advantage when compared to other bikes.It is given with to bags which used to carry parts while lifting.

Tarus manufactures said this will be available for sale on Russia . After November it will be available on some other European countries . But there is no international shipping available for this motorcycle.  

Thus some interesting news about Tarus motorcycle .


  1. Day by day the generation is improving alot.....the companies produces a product for their customers convenient....i like this product very much


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