After the launch of iPhone 7 . Everyone is rushing to that water repellent technology. But now new coating is invented for water repellent on smartphones. Let we see what special is that,

Australian scientist William wong from Australian National university  had designed a new spray-on type protective coating with remarkable features which can prevent corroding of boat and aircraft from ice.

Concept they created is with adding much more robust coating over a surface with combining two plastics. In which one is flexible and another is tough. William wong said that its like two interweave fishing net of different material.

Water repellent or super hydrophobic coating  is extremely resistant to ultra violent radiation.The key innovation of this coating is stabilize fragile nano material and to increase ultra durable nano-textures.

Thus this coating if sprayed on to smart phone it can able to withstand in water and other liquids.

Further it maybe used also in skyscraper windows,Plastics and other objects. Since it can protect object from oil,corrosion and acts as self repellent .Hence it can be used in various field.

Since this type of water coating may available for cheaper and easier in manufacturing it maybe used in all smartphones soon......


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