CYCLOTRON BIKE.........!!!!


Cyclotron is the first smart cycle launched around world.It has no folks on the wheel.It is weightless so that it can be carried anywhere easily.


Cyclotron looks like science friction wagon,hence it also has so many smart features like advanced lightning system with dual led wheels,laser bike lane projector .It also specifies heart rate, GPS,speed, battery info,calories burned,distance,slope and more,.

How it is made?

It is made up of carbon fiber which is ultra light weight.It can folded and stored in any place which you like.

What's new?

Cyclotron comes with self charging battery, chain less power transmission and also with 18 e-gear box with airless tires to drive .

This bike is introduced by kickstarter has introduced it. This can be tracked by iphone and android mobiles. rims can be adjusted to carry luggage,also can adjusted to carry children in back of the cycle.

Cyclotron can travel with the maximum speed of 20km/hour. thus this cycle comes to sale on 2017 .The company started for prebooking

Thus about cyclotron smart cycle project . A one step above our technology,.


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