Is it possible to drive ca
r in water?

If you ever played game like GTA vice city. Then you would have questioned your self that "How come is that possible to drive on sea, river,pond,...

Amphibious car:

Car that drives on land and water is said to be Amphibious car. Yes car can be driven in water as you imagined . But cars which we have will fails if water is above 30cms, where as the amphibious car can be driven along 50 feet and along shore it travels 15m .

Since Amphibious vehicle includes car,bicycle,buses,

cars,Military vehicles and ATVs.


The Amphicar Model 770 was developed by German designer Hans Trippel, who had been working on amphibious vehicles since 1932, including the WWII Volkswagen Schwimmerwagen. The Amphicar first surfaced at the 1959 German auto show, and came ashore in the U.S. on April 1, 1961, at the New York Auto Show.

More news about amphibious car:

The money behind the project (some estimates are as high as $25 million) came from the American Quandt Group, and the car was built in West Germany. The four-seat convertible was powered by a rear-mounted, four-cylinder Triumph Herald engine of 1,147 cc, which generated 43 hp. The engine drove the rear wheels on land and two propellers when the car was in the water. The front wheels steered, both on land and in the water, and the car/boat had four speeds and reverse. The doors locked shut for water travel.

In recent times there were some more amphibious vehicles found to use . Also they were selling for huge cost too .

There is huge change in amphibious car and normal car. 

From engine , body and tires . They have modified to develop such vehicle . 

Hence in future we can expect more amphibious wagons. Thus I hope article is use full.


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