Smartphones plays a major  role in our day today life . some peoples gets addicted to smartphones by various reasons such as
  • Games
  • chatting
  • surfing news 
  • streaming videos 

How to control addiction?

We can cure addiction easily in initial stage ,by taking control measures such as work time alarm and few things.

Uncontrolled mobile addiction is called Nomophobia. This disorder is mainly caused by online games. There are some peoples who cannot sleep without using mobile before going to bed.Mobile addiction is psychological factor cause various side effects to users.

Hence we have to take some major steps to avoid using.

  • By avoiding morning and night time usage, we can reduce addiction.
  • By using work time interpreter apps such as OFFSET, BREAKFREE,.....
  • By eating when you need smartphone will make you to avoid usage.
  • Taking to friends,family members and strangers will make you comfortable to avoid smart phones.
  • Keeping your self busy makes you to avoid smartphones.
  • Avoiding Internet usage will make you free and Planning about your upcoming events will control usage.
  • Uninstalling over usage apps will make you comfort to talk to people,....

Some people follow a best method to control addiction, By starting a day very late makes them very busy .Hence they don't have time to use mobile.Also few others keep their mobile is place where they can't find.

                  Thus few tips to control addiction,.....


  • For children : They can concentrate more on their subjects, and can avoid wearing spectacles
  • For adulds : They can concentrate more on their work and also practice schedule to achieve their goal

                Hence avoid smartphone over usage be a successful person........


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