University exam in students life  plays major role for successful career . There are so many easy ways to get passed in semesters .
Basically students have capacity to study the whole book today's before exam. There only thing you have to follow certain tricks to get passed .
Such as,...


There are some best methods to follow during study. some are

  • Plan yourself to study without rushing:
If you plan before you start studying your mind will read more without stress. Always last minute study will never make students to pass.
  • Relax yourself when you feel stress
If you read when you feel stressed you cannot cover every topics also there are possibilities to loose the things . Hence refresh your mind for some time after a long time study.

  • Take the syllabus which you should cover for exam 
Main reason why student is not scoring is they never have habit of referring  index . this method is very helpful to cover all topics and to highlight the things which we completed .

  • Start from easy topics 
Start your studies from easier lesson will make you to score more . This will make you to cover the topics more faster than starting from first page.

  • Have habit of making notes and flowchart 
while you study keep habit of making notes so that it will help you to refer during last minute .Having habit of making flow chart will make you memorize the topics easily.

  • Spend time for each question
If you take more time for one question ,you cannot refer other topics .So make sure that you are not wasting time in single topic. 

  • Avoid others notes
Practice the habit of reading your own notes , since others notes will never make you clarify the doubts . If its a mathematics work on all sums regarding the topics .


During exam you have to follow some important things ,such as

  • Present your paper attractively
Students who have good hand writing and proper presentation will score more .since they present their paper like they know everything. so present your paper neat and tidy.

  • Manage your time 
Some students fail in exam due to the main reason in sufficient time for exam. After getting your paper first thing you have to do is plan the things which you can score more easily. Also never skip any question without attending. Do write every question in the given time .

  • Use the calculator
Some students avoids calculator to do calculation . This will consume their time more make the habit of regular calculator usage.

  • Attend all question
Practice of attending each and every question from the question paper.though the question paper is tough try to attempt every question. There may be chance of giving you mark.
  •  Check whether you wrote everything
Make sure that you have attended everything with proper question number. There may be chance for skipping question so check after you complete your exam. 

Thus few tips to get passed in exams...

All the best friends


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