Carbon engineering:

Hello friends we were facing unpleasant climate change , due to global warming . We know that global warming is mainly due to carbon dioxide.  Though we found the reason we can't control the source ,which causes pollution.But there is a field called "carbon engineering" ,they have been working to control the pollution by new innovation.


We were reducing the carbon-dioxide by  old traditional method That is underground storage process. But that can only gives a temporary method also this can't control vehicle emission .

Vehicle emission of carbon dioxide is about 60% of total pollution ,there maybe in future vehicle pollution may be increased .

Growing more trees can reduce the pollution , but it is not possible because deforestation is more compared to afforestation.So there global warming rate is increased .

Their invension:

Carbon engineers had researched to control the carbon dioxide in air .Finally they have invented a prototype air contractor with absorbs carbon dioxide  directly from atmosphere .

This prototype pulls carbon dioxide directly from atmosphere downward. Air contractor has outer layer of PVC pipes, inside that there is a surface of stag coated with carbon dioxide absorbing solution. when air containing carbon dioxide enter into that layer  capture solution absorbs carbon dioxide which results in carbonated solution . 

How they made?

This prototype consist of fans which pulls about 80% of air from atmosphere. This cycle is repeated for low consumption of power .

This system is replicated for thousands and absorbs about  30,00,000 of  carbon dioxide .

Thus this has controls pollution and global warming effectively . It can modify extracted into hydro carbon. Also it has various advantages.

To get pure air scientist research to maintain constant environment.

Hence Prototype air contractor.We hope this could be modified and used everywhere.  


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