Wednesday, 3 August 2016


We have seen helicopters on sky,which flew very different when compared to airplane .We have questioned to our self that  "How do helicopters fly?".Let us know basic that how it works in this article.


Many people thinks it's a mystery. But the main reason is there is aerodynamic principle behind flying of aircraft.

Lift,thrust,drag and weight are main reason for helicopter to fly.Force needed to keep an aircraft on air is called Lift.Lift is produced by air flowing over the wings.

The shape of the wings is designed so that the air flowing over the top surface has to travel further and it therefore travels faster than air under the wings . This cause the pressure of the air on the top of the wings to be lower,and so effectively the wings and therefore the aircraft is sucked up by this lower pressure .Hence this push helicopter to lift above the ground.

     Thus the helicopter fly .

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